About Me as an artist

I have always loved and pursued art even at a young age.  I grew up making native American crafts and all sorts of things.  As a teenager I started making art out of found objects and did some wood-crafts.  I learned how to blacksmith so I could make wood working tools and fell in love with the magic of metalworking.  I am a self taught copper smith and I enjoy creating my own unique work.  The textures and colors of copper transfix me and I am always trying to get some new effect.  I like taking on contracts and seeing peoples ideas brought to life, so if you want something special for someone, or a conversation piece to put in your living room just give me a call.  Previous clients have really enjoyed working with me to create something special; a truly unique gift for someone in their life.  From BIG sculpture to small jewelry I am willing to try anything you can imagine, lets work together to create your next master piece.  864 202 0190     Email   redsmithstudios AT gmail. com

My Name is David Walker,  I live in up-state SC.

My hobby’s include dancing and camping, and I like good fiction novels.  I am marred to a gorgeous young lady.


9 Responses to “About Me as an artist”

  1. Love you work! I do cold connection copper jewelry and hope to do more metalsmithing. You are an inspiration. I am also from upstate SC.

  2. holy crap, you’re awesome!!!

  3. David, pretty phenomenal art! I had no idea you were doing this.
    I’ll definitely recommend this site for any client needing interior decoration ideas.

  4. It was nice talking to you at the show.

  5. Great work, beautiful use of colour!

  6. Dude, your artwork rocks…but I really just need a roofer. Can you recommend someone?
    Wish I were an artist like you,

  7. I am looking into having my kitchen table covered on copper. Wondering if you do this type of thing and if you might give me an estimate ?

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