Oil Lamps

oil lamps by you.

I Have made a lot of oil lamps, although I enjoy them a lot myself, I have never sold one.  I like to make them out of stones from rivers and also old perfume bottles found at old home sites that are out in the woods.  I like to use recycled materials in everything, I cut the bottoms of glass bottles to make the reservoir for the stone oil lamps.

Oil lamps and vases

I have made many of my own glasses and vases over the years, so when I had a stone oil lamp project Cutting of the base of a beer bottle for the reservoir was prefect.

If you are interested in getting glass bottles cut, let me know


~ by davidrwalker on December 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Oil Lamps”

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  2. How do you make the reservoir for the oil in the rock candles? drill out a hollow spot to pour in oil or? Please share your method. Thanks.


    • I use a hammer drill to make a hole for the fiberglass wick and glass wick holder, you can use a regular drill with a stone bit, it just takes a long time(don’t push, or it will crack the rock, let the drill do its work), then I use a glass cutter to cut the bottom off of a wine bottle for the reservoir. I use JB weld, 2 part epoxy to seal it to the glass, then I spray the rock with a clear paint, other wise the oil will wick through the stone. you can get thick glass dishes for the reservoir.

      I bought tiny funnels for filling it up, also be sure to use smokeless odorless oil

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