copper panel bar

Here is my latest work! Its a custom copper panel for a bar, I had a great time doing this piece. I used different chemicals activated by heat for the patina. Here is a full shot of the kitchen that my piece went into, the kitchen is still not finished, notice the columns an each end, and the black trim. I did this with one of the best cabinet makers in our region! Here is a link to his site

From one side to the other it tells a story, it is so different in every spot it keeps you looking, I cant wait to do some more work like this.copper panel 2 by you.

Here it is with its first coat of sealer, and getting signed! copper work by you.

close up shot, I love the blue in it. I wish a photograph could do it some justice, I guess you will have to order one to see what you’ll get.


~ by davidrwalker on May 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “copper panel bar”

  1. fabulous!

  2. wow, this is amazing!!!

  3. […] like the copper bar on the next page, just scroll down and click on previous page.  or click here I was in the anderson home show with my wood working friend Jim. You can see the pieces here, […]

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