Traditional Joinery

The art form of making gates in the old way is known as traditional joinery,  that is when all the work is done by hand and there is no modern welding done.  There are many different aspects to be achieved.

This first piece is designed as a window grate, window grates have become popular as wall hangings.  The twisted center bar has tenons attaching it to the frame, and the frame is lap jointed and riveted.  The scroll work is held on by a collar.  

This piece is non traditional, but its more my kind of work.  I call it copper river, the mountains are aluminum with a steel frame.

I designed this wall hanging avoiding curves and smooth transitions which is hard for me to do, so for me this is abstract.  It has six square corners that all match up within a sixteenth inch of each other, and the half inch bar passes through itself, see if you can get a modern welder to do that!


~ by davidrwalker on November 28, 2007.

One Response to “Traditional Joinery”

  1. have you thought of pitching your “copper river” sculpture above to the Copper River Grill? There’s one in Seneca and another in Easley – though I don’t know about Anderson. It should be fairly easy to track down the manager at each location and pitching a piece of artwork as a centerpiece for one of their walls. I think the manager/owner of a chain like that has some control over decor, and that would definitely fit!

    Are you interested in doing more iron work? I know that the copper work, especially the more nature-oriented commissions are more your thing, but there’s also a decent demand for custom iron work out there. See if you can get into one of the trade shows for places like the Reserve and the Cliffs. You can pitch yourself as a custom metal worker, get a small table, and display your artwork as well. Maybe you could snag a rich benefactor who wanted custom nature-oriented light fixtures through their entire 7000sf house. Or something like that. I’ve seen it before!

    You do really good work!

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